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TAY NẮM CỬA CHÍNH CAO CẤP T2690-20-798-P2025

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  • T2690-20-798-P2025
  • Made in Japan
  • 36 tháng
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Product number T2690-20-798-P2025
[Neoism] Architectural Door Handles
Bar Type
Wood (Antibacterial Compressed Wood), Mat White & Aluminum, Unifrost, Anodized, Silver Color
Used for frame・flush doors. (Can be used for glass doors.)
In door use.
The installation pitch changed is 1660 2160mm T2690-20-798-A
The installation pitch changed is 2161 2360mm T2690-20-798-B
Also available in MIDDLE type and G type (G2690).
The same design concept is reflected in a Lever Handle (UL1169・UL690) .
mounting screw M6
mounting hole diameter 8mm / Can be used for glass doors. diameter 12mm
Degradation and color change of UniWood may occur if exposed to rainwater or direct sunlight.

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